In my work I seek to give visible form to the unseen forces that shape the natural world and to represent the vast and the infinitesimal as a unified whole. I am especially fascinated by the movement of humans and animals across the globe, and the ways in which these earthbound migrations complement the movements of planets and stars. In addition to the movement of bodies across distances both large and small, I draw inspiration from found maps, botanicals, and scientific papers from bygone eras.

I am a painter working primarily with cyanotype, an archaic photographic process that begins with a spontaneous application of chemicals onto paper, canvas, or fabric in the darkroom. I then develop the work in outdoor sunlight, often using plants and other elements from nearby surroundings in the exposure. Due to the iron-based chemistry involved, a deep Prussian blue predominates. These works then enter the realm of painting as pigments, wax, ink, and embroidery are applied. Throughout the process, I often have the simple goal of letting the work be an exploration of blue.

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I spent much of my childhood near beaches, rivers, and wetlands. As I work outdoors with materials that are responsive to the elements, I feel a deep engagement with localized ecosystems. This connection deepens at times by working with paper and large canvases at the edges of oceans and rivers in an attempt to capture their ebb, flow, and sedimentation at a particular time and place. Through observation of these natural phenomena, I have become increasingly aware of the delicate interconnections in the world around us, and the changes in the ecosystem that require both humans and animals to adapt to new ways of navigating the world.

Deep Space 1, detail